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"This is for those who wish to know for themselves what is in the Bible."

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This exhaustive Bible outline helps you quickly get a good, in-depth grasp of the Bible's contents. Plain and simple, non-denominational, no interpretative notes or comments, no outside references ... it's a thorough and exhaustive outline for educational and research purposes. If you are a journalist, writer, researcher, teacher, student, or someone who simply has an interest in quickly yet thoroughly getting to know the Bible's contents, you'll find this outline to be exceptionally useful. The flow of the topics is not based on the Chapters and Verses, although they are referenced. It is based instead on the topics themselves. So, you will see how some topics spill over into the next chapter, and the outline brings that Chapter and Verse numbers into line with the topic, not the other way around. Plus, you have a section that highlights Great Chapters, Stories, Miracles and Parables, which is useful to learn and find these more popular sections.

You can buy Edition 1.0 (red cover shown below) direct from the publisher or buy Edition 2 from Amazon (dark blue cover shown below).
Edition 1.0 has more filler pages and spreads the Great Chapters and Stories, Miracles and Parables (GCSMP) information among the different sections of the Bible. Edition 2.0 keeps the GCSMP section all together, placed at the end of the Outline, after Revelation.

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In addition to the short preview video above of Edition 1.0, see the Amazon listing's "Look Inside" preview of Edition 2.0.

You'll find Edition 2.0 of the Exhaustive Outline, as a dark blue desktop paperback 8 1/2" x 11"
priced at $12.95 on Amazon. It has fewer filler pages, and keeps the Great Chapters,
Stories, Miracles and Parables section all together, placed at the end of the Outline, after Revelation.

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